Entertainment for Everyone


We provide communities a high-def, mind-blowing, surprisingly legal, totally FREE, potentially lifesaving night of entertainment.

Starting in October, we are helping sail a 35 foot  wooden, sailboat along the Pacific Coast from California to Ecuador. Once in Ecuador, we'll hop ship, and make our way over land to La Paz, Bolivia and volunteer 'til the bank runs dry.  We've been planning on a trip like this since we studied in Ghana. We’re determined to make it count.

On the nights that we dingy ashore in little fishing villages or roll into remote mountain towns, we will set up the 14 foot high movie screen that we'll be traveling with and, at sundown, project an outdoor, family movie for the locals to enjoy. In addition, we’ll begin and end each flick with short health videos, designed to give some information to communities who might not otherwise have access to it.

We’ve teamed up with an HIV doctor in Austin, TX who will be providing all the necessary Spanish health videos, ranging from AIDS and Malaria to basic hygiene. The films we show will be determined by speaking with local health officials upon our arrival so that we can effectively address the specific needs of each community- all while giving them a night they can remember.
Once in La Paz, we'll use our equipment, along with our experience with at-risk youth, and work with an existing organization to provide some alternative entertainment and tutoring for the local street youth. We hope our weekly movie nights will also act as a gathering point for youth, opening avenues for organizations already in La Paz to reach the children. It is also here where we can focus our educational material, films, and discussions around issues pertinent to the groups with whom we will be working. And, give the kids something to smile about.

Teachertainment is not only proven to be effective it's downright fun!